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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Loon Nip N’ Sip review by Brian Sawyer


Loon Nip ‘N Sip

By: Brian Sawyer


I was growing tired of carrying the same dull pair of finger nail clippers in my back pocket I decided to surf the internet for a decent set of line nippers. Low and behold I stumbled up upon these little guys, The Loon Nippers. So I got on the horn with Loon, and I was delivered pair within three days. Seeing as how they were priced at only $20 I didn’t exactly think I was getting the world’s greatest fishing tool. Man was I wrong, these things are amazing!

– Stainless Steel blades
– Bottle opener
– Extra wide thumb pads
– Eye clearing needle
– Ball chain attachment    or 10 sets of bead chain eyes



As I am on the water quite frequently I always carry a pair of pliers on me, any fisherman would be a fool not to. However, sometimes your standard pliers just don’t cut it (no pun intended). When I need to cut the tag ends of a blood knot all the way to the knot or clear an eye of a hook, regular pliers tend to fall short and you need a more specific tool. That’s where the Loon nips have really come in handy.

Of course I had a few test of my own:

I cut several thickness of mono line including 10lb -120lb and even 400lb! Although the 400lb line needed quite a bit of pressure, it cut through all of them flawlessly.

1. Attach to vest, pack, etc
2. Use to cut leader, tippet, etc
3. Also use to open beer bottles

(400lb Monofilament Line)

Another great feature that performed impeccably was the eye clearing needle. It is located just in-between the jaws out of the way of any accidental slip of the finger. Its stainless steel thorn will clear the toughest powder coat build up on any jig head as well as any excess thread build up around the eye of a fly.


Finally I had to execute the “beer cap removal” test, not because I was concerned it would malfunction but mainly because I just wanted a beer. Needless to say it didn’t let me down……….. all six times.



Overall, the Loon “Nip ‘N Sip” nipper is quite an impressive tool. Whether you are a hard core fly fisherman or just a beer drinking weekend warrior these nips are perfect for any angler’s pocket. At a low cost of only $20 and a stainless steel construction you can’t go wrong.

Amazon Link to the Loon Nip N’ Sip






Bottom fishing with D.O.A. Swimmin’ Mullet

Me, my brother and friends ventured out of Port Canaveral in the 22′ Pathfinder TE this past weekend. Conditions were sloppy but that didn’t stop the fish 80ft below from biting. We used nothing but D.O.A. Swimmin’ Mullet to jig the bottom and caught multiple species including Flounder, Red Snapper, Mangrove Snapper, Sea Bass, Trigger fish, Grouper, Cobia, and Toad fish this day.

-Capt. Willy Le

Ashley of Don’s Bait and Tackle Fly How to Series 1: Dubbing head, shallow water fly

Ashley of Don’s Bait and Tackle is an awesome fly tying machine. He is starting to do some video tutorial to share with us here on Saltyshores. Here is the first of what I hope is be many to come.

You can tie them right off the video. The materials needed are listed bellow.

All of the flies you seen here can be seen at his shop down in Homestead, Florida.


Hook: Gamakatsu B10 stinger #1
Thread: Match Head color
Tail: Finn Raccoon or Mag Zonker
body: artic Fox, Scalapen
Head: Senyo’s Lazer Dub
Eyes: bead chain and 3-D epoxy red

If you see this truck in your area you should know two things

No do not call 911. This is Captain George M Gozdz new wrap boat for the Florida Sportsman web show called “Reel Time”. The show is based on their popular forum. George and the crew go around Florida fishing and filming with regular fisherman like you and I. They pick the best bite they see posted on the FS forum, contact the anglers and go get the footage. Very reality TV ish.

They have already filmed a few episodes check it out:

The other thing you should know is:

All that aside, the coolest part is the epic tarpon tact sharp, full frame photo on the wrap was shot by yours truly. 😉



Ok more unashamed  patting myself in the back. I also have this month’s cover with with Gator trout with Capt. Jason Stock. The fish was caught right here in Sarasota Florida.

I must add, it’s their best cover this year. lol(I know it’s still Jan)

One month away until the big event, Salty Fly 2012 UPDATES

I have not been on the water very much these days. Simple reason really. The Salty Fly 2012 is 4 weeks away and there’s tons of things that still needed to be done. Trying to juggle it all leaves no time for the water.

If you have not been Following the Salty Fly 2012 Facebook page I will catch you on things that are coming in steadily today. Most of these photos were taken with the iphone using ap.

Extra opening news: There will be 5 open spots coming up soon. This will be lottery style. I send an email out to everyone on the waiting list. The first five that are paid are in. The only draw back is, you are not guaranteed a captain’s bag. However will automatically be in the kick ass raffle.

Raffle prizes:

Captain Bear Holeman(World Angling) 1/2 day fishing trip in Key West, Fl

Captain Joe Gonzalez 1/2 day fishing trip in Biscayne Bay, Miami, Fl.

Salty Fly 2012 engraved, Scott S4S Fly rod valued at over $700.00


Costa Del Mar hooked us up with a bunch of Sun Glasses. You can pick any pair, any lens.. very cool.!


Maxima Line will be putting 2 leaders in ever captain’s bags

We will be raffling(free raffle) a New w/ remote Power-Pole 4′ $1500 value.
Simms Fishing along with tons of products sent me these to include in Captain’s bags.

10th anniversary  TFO limited edition Fly Rod to be raffle off as well.

Locations of all the events.

Cheeky Fly Reel Raffle prizes

Abel has hooked us up with the Sweetest nippers on the planet!

Tackle Web Contingency $$$

Fly fishing film showing goodies by BugSlinger and IF4 Films.

The Micro Fiber Redzone tournament shirts everyone in the tournament will be sporting!


Super Bowl of Saltwater Fly Fishing Weekend, Feb 24th 25th and 26th in Tampa, Florida, Salty Fly 2012


The largest 3 days of Saltwater Fly fishing in Florida is about 5 weeks away. It is three fun filled days right here in the Tampa Florida area. Here is the run down.

Day 1: Feb 24th 2012 Party and International Fly fishing film showing


This event is open to everyone.

The IF4 will will have a special cut made specifically for the the Salty Fly 2012 even.
It will be in historical Ybor City at the Collage in Ybor City.

From 6pm to 9pm we will be hosting the party/film showing of mostly Saltwater Fly film.
For $5.00 you get to watch Florida’s only stop for the IF4.
There will be a bar and lots of fly fisherman to hang with as well as goodies to given away.

Tickets can be bought at:

Tampa Bay on the Fly, Tampa, Fl

4203 El Prado Boulevard  Tampa, FL 33629

(813) 443-0660

Flint Creek outfitters

13425 Fishhawk Blvd.
Lithia, FL 33569
Phone: 813.681.1888
Mon – Fri:10:00 am-7:00 pm
Sun:12:00 pm-5:00 pm


Online at the IF4 Website

This event is sponsored by Bug Slinger apparel and our Salty Fly Sponsors.

Day 2: Salty Fly 2012 Presented by Hell’s Bay Boatworks, Florida’s Largest Fly fishing tournament

All the info for this Sold out in 9 hour tournament including LIVE streaming info can be found at

up to the minute information

Day 3: G.Loomis Skiff poling and casting Championship, Held at Maximo Park

East Coast Pigs with Cameron by Kapers

Generally I dont fish during the winter months because the cold gets to be a bit much for this Florida Boy. But recently we have had a fairly mild winter so I thought what the hey let me get out and do some winter fishing.

I gave Cameron a call and asked how the fishing was on his coast ( Florida East coast ) this time of the year? He told me if I was going to fish the East Coast that now was the time. So I packed my gear and hit the road the following morning.

I met up with Cameron at 6am and we began our journey which ended up being a 9 hour day out on the water doing what we love. We started the morning off using MirrOlure She dog top water lure. We landed multiple trout the smallest at 26 inches and me landing my personal best a 30 inch trout.

But trout wasn’t the purpose of the trip. We were in search of Bulls….. Bull Reds that is. So we left the trout and headed to where the fish were known to cruise. We anchored up the Kayaks and waded the area. I feel wading allows for a stealthier approach. These fish are big and they didnt make it to that size because they are stupid. So we wanted every advantage in our favor. And it worked out just the way we wanted.

We both landed multiple fish in the 42-45 inch range but the fish that made it all worth it was My 50 inch Bull and Cameron’s 51 inch Beast. All and all a great day on the water. I have now reconsidered winter fishing in the beautiful state of Florida…

Drift Paddle by Power-Pole, prototype


Last week I spent a couple day days with the guys from Power-Pole at a beautiful spring called the Rainbow River in Dunnellon, Florida. They were there to test and create media for a new prototype product called the “Drift Paddle”.

The Drift Paddle is an attachment for the Power-pole unit that allows you to slow down your drift on the flats or lakes by up to 40%. You can change direction, run with the paddles on and even easily removable if you did not want to leave it on the boat. And yes power pole still works to stop the boat even with the Paddles on.

All the prototyping aside the coolest part was the how awesome the Rainbow river was. The water is a constant 72 degrees as it comes out of a spring. Even though it was 38 degrees that morning I was swimming in the crystal clear water by 10am that morning. It felt great and the underwater photos came our excellent.

New Waterproof iphone 4 and 4s case, 2012 Surf Expo by Dri Suit Technology, Dri suit endurance


When I had a chance to walk around to see new stuff at Surf Expo I came across new waterproof iphone 4 case. As you guys might know I own an iphone 4 with lifeproof case.

Since I already own one I almost just walked passed but I i figured I stop and give it a chance. At first glance it’s nothing special, just another waterproof case. But talking to the people and looking at the product more closely a few things I really like was evident.

It had a special held phone adapter which allows for much better audio. I have muffle issues with the lifeproof at times but using bluetooth it does not bother me that much. However for the times I do not have a bluetooth handy it can get frustrating. This built in adapter is also waterproof. So all you have to do is plug in head set and you are ready to go and it will still be waterproof. On the Lifeproof I would have to use a different headphone adapter to use one and it can be a bit cumbersome.

Taking the case off was quite easy with a couple clips that locks. The opening allows for any type of charger adapter. They tell me it has been test 20+ feet no problem at all. The LP on the other hand is rated to only about 6′.

Another interesting point is that there is gel like covering on the screen. What this is does is allow for full operation even when wet or underwater. Most waterproof cases this was an issue. You would have to start the recording or use another way to activate taking photos while wet or underwater besides the touch screen.

Best of all they tell me the retail value when it comes out late February will be $59 25% cheaper than the Lifeproof.

This all sounds great, I would love to get ones in my hands to test out for you guys. Meanwhile here’s a little video I shot at the Surf Expo 2012.

DriSuit Endurance Waterproof Iphone 4/4s case

Their Facebook Page