Instagram photo app for iphone and droid(in the works)

Currently available only for the Iphone but the android app is around the corner.  Instagram currently boost over 50 million users.

For all you photography peeps out there this is a very popular program that is must have. Well a must have if you don’t want to carry you camera every where you go anyways.

I gotta say I love this program. I was a bit hesitant to use it at first but after seeing how easy it was to take decent photos and connecting to people I know it was a breeze to get addicted.

The built in easy filters makes most photos look better and one touch it’s posted to FB, Twitter, Tumbler etc. Allows people to “like”, “comment” etc. Good stuff.

It is a great social media tool and very fun and easy to use. Did I mention it was free?

Here are some photos I’ve taken with it the last couple weeks I’ve been using it.

To follow my photos:

Pro: easy to use, great interface and free.

Con: no cropping, very little editing ability except for the built in ones.