Great weather and Holiday fishing


With the combination of great weather and friends coming in from out town I took the opportunity to do fishing. The weather has been in the 80’s every day this past week and the fishing on the flats has been pretty darn good. I even had a friend catch a snook out on the flats.

The bite out front has been excellent. Flounder, redfish, ladyfish, and and abundant of trout. In the clear water(spooky fish) the trick is to do long cast with artificial. Jigs has been the #1 producer, DOA cals, Mirrolure Lil jon etc.

One of the lure I’ve bee using a bunch lately has been the Paul Brown lures. They are heavy lure that I can cast a mile using braided line. The lure suspend so I can still use it 2′ of water over grass. It has been very productive for trout. The fish of the day though was a nice 29″ redfish on the Fat Boy Jim Brown.

Photo note: All shots taken by the Nikon AW100 16mp waterproof camera Point and shoot camera.

Glass Minnows all over the flats

Night fishing with Kapers

Trout Fishing has been excellent.

Even got my friend to start to catch them on fly.

Sheeps head are moving in onto the flats as well this time of year in Tampa.

My biggest red fish from Tampa in quite a long time came on the Paul Brown Fat boy. Pink is the best producing color this year.
I have been using the TFO Garry Loomis GT series rod. I have to say I’m quite impressed with these rods. The first year they came out they were just ok. The step up in quality and design made a big difference to me. The ergonomic handle is much improved, lifetime warranty, lighter, and the guide is proprietary and more durable.