Fishing camera, Nikon AW100, slow motion video, waterproof camera

Review of the Nikon AW100 16mp waterproof camera, with HD video 1080p and slow motion video features.

Since I’ve been fishing quite a bit in Kayaks lately it was such a total pain to take photos with a bulky DSLR. The iphone was ok but really didn’t want the hassle of carrying it around. I own a kodak playsport still but at 5mp and no flash the photos just wasn’t the best. Beside it was 2 years old and plenty of waterproof cameras has came out side then.

After some research I decided to get the Nikon AW100. It had Nikon glass, rugged and waterproof up to 10 meters. 16 megapixel was big but I wasn’t too worried about that. I like the fact it was 25mm wide angle so it allows me to take good photos of fish while measuring them for tournaments as well.

The camera was rugged and flat. Super easy to to use. No much in manual controls but if you’re looking to just turn it on and shoot it’s perfect. I liked the Canon D10 but it only did SD video and was kind of bulky.

A big plus was the way Nikon decided to make the latch on the camera water tight. When you open it, you have to press a button down then turn it. This makes it practically impossible for you to leave it open accidentally before entering the watery domain. I had a Pentax and this was a big issue with many people. Just bumping it wrong while underwater will cause the Pentax to leak. This more than likely will not happen to the Nikon.

The macro features allows me to get ridiculously close to the subject, almost touching it. The video was what sealed the deal for me. I wanted 1080p HD which many of them did, but this one did at lower resolution 120 frames as well as 240 frames per second.

Note, one thing it does not have is the ability to shoot raw.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the camera. I will keep it with me while doing travels, especially kayak fishing and other rugged activities when the DSLR is just too bulky to carry around.

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This was shot in 120fps and slowed down even more in post.

More on the water photos of the Nikon AW100 here: