Kayak fishing, Tampa 26″ trout,Exude Cigar Minnow, first photos with the Nikon AW100



Being down with the flu this week was a quite a Debbie downer. Especially trying to put all the Salty Fly together along with finishing up the 3F Adventures episode.

I wanted to get out for a few hours today and do a little fishing. Threw the kayak in the back of the truck and met up with my friend Kevin down at the launch. Fishing was a bit slow with few trout and small red fish. The fish of the day was this 26″ trout Kevin got on Exude’s latest lure, the  Exude Cigar Mino.

I’m also testing out the Nikon AW100. This is Nikon’s entry into the waterproof rugged cameras world. So far I’m liking the photo quality and speed it turns on. It also does slow motion video in SD. I will be exploring this in the near future.

Meanwhile here are some photos and a sample video clip from the Nikon.