Dropping the iphone 4 into a bucket of bait, lifeproof case


One of my many many test on the Lifeproof iphone 4 water proof case.

After a few months of using and testing this product. I’ll give you the blunt no frills reviews.

easy to install
shock proof
small fits in pocket nicely
no sticky silicone that come off easily
easy to charge with flip down door
Variety of colors to distinguist your iphone from others
Can be used as cool party tricks

Audio might sound muffle if you don’t use a blue tooth. I do so it wasn’t a problem for me.
Screen needs  a tad more effort to press down. A no issue really but thought I would add that.
If you use the headset connector a bunch its hard to get it connected with out the supplied adapter
3rd party chargers might not fit properly since the charging latch don’t open far enough
Using the case most docking device will not work


If you are on the water a bunch the pro far out weigh the cons. I’ve taken it kayaking, taken underwater photos and video, and dunked it several times.

Here is me putting it into a bucket of bait down in the Keys.