Salty Fly 2012 Registration, some kayak fishing


The Salty Fly 2012 open registration opens up to the general public tonight at midnight.

So far there has been over 30 teams signed up and paid for. These are the guys that fished it last year. They get first dibs just to be fair.


On a fishing note, I’ve been doing a bit of kayak fishing lately. Due to the wet nature of Kayak fishing I haven’t taken much gear out there. I have been using my lifeproof case to take photos here and there.

The fishing has been good but not epic by any means. The Flounder bite however has been pretty good this year. Lots of little guys tugging on the plastic but there are plenty big ones to take home as well.

Fried whole flounder is excellent!

Here are a few photos I did manage to get on the water.

These are all photos take with the iphone and the lifeproof waterproof  case.

A little guy


A really nice one that made the trip home for a good dinner.