Gift Ideas: Chums fishing lanyard and SWC hoodie, Polar buff

Chums Fishing Lanyard
Cool ideas for fisherman who has cutters, power pole remote, trolling motor remote all on different straps. This lanyard can hold them all pretty comfortably for under $20.00

Skinny Water Culture Hoodie:

SWC has always been known for their unique edgy artwork style on their apparel. They just recently came out with the hoodie for the winter months. It’s a 80% polyester blend with makes it great for quick drying if you get it wet and breathable. Thumb holes for slipping it into a jacket and a removable hood. I’ve been using it on the water for a few weeks so this is first hand experience not a brochure read.

Its very comfortable fit quite well. Fit and finish is excellent with double stitching and reinforced materials in all the important areas.

More specs in apparel words on the web site: Skinny Water Culture Hoodie

Here is a quick video I shot so you can see the fit. We were blown off the water(you can hear the 20knot winds even behind the mangroves) so I figure I use the time to do couple product videos.

Most people do not know this, but Buff one of the original head wear manufacturer, has what they called a “Polar Buff”

It is a made out of the popular and highly effective, award winning Polartec material.

It does not get that cold here in Florida, but on those long boat runs in winter time. The regular buff helps but just doesn’t cut out enough wind. This is where the Polar Buff shines.

I first found out about the Polar Buff a year ago in L.A. Tom of Wangachor and I was in LA last year fishing the marshes (Jan) and when the air temp is 29 degrees this was a godsend. If you often find yourself wishing for a warmer buff this time of year this is worth a look. It now comes in the Bug Slinger series of fly fishing centric design as well.

Here’s another video shot with Krista same cold windy day.