How to Deep Fry a Turkey for Thanksgiving with Hank


Today like most people I had turkey for the Thanksgiving holiday.

If you have never had deep fried turkey you have to give it a try. To me, it taste better, more moist and much faster to cook.

Not that I am going to take credit for deep frying a turkey but my friend Hank said he would cook it for me if I got the turkey and bring it over.

Here’s the process.

1 already thawed turkey. I got one about 12 lbs at lest than 60cents per pound
I injected the turkey with a Cajun Butter kit from Stubbs. This was bought at Winn Dixie and it came with the injector and all for about $5.00

Next was to preheat the deep fryer filled with peanut oil to 325 degrees.
Lower the Turkey really slow to avoid spillage
let it sit for 4.25 minutes times lb of turkey.

So 12 x 4.25 = 51 minutes and I had moist delicious turkey. Thanks Hank!