Groupon for fishing tackle, just in time for the holidays

I’m sure everyone has heard of groupon by now.  If you haven’t,  it is basically a daily email for  great discounts on goods and services around you local area. It is super popular and from what I have seen the savings are pretty significant.

While at ICAST  I ran into a guy name Dave. He was telling me about a similar concept but geared towards fishing products.

Dave knew me from the photos on Saltyshores and wanted me do some life style photos for the website that was to be launched in a couple months. We exchanged cards and that was one of the many quick meetings I had at ICAST.

To be honest, I thought nothing of it but I got an email from Dave one day wanting to line up photo shoot  with four to five models that could fish. This was when I knew they were serious.

They actually flew down one day to do the shoot. We got four girls 2 boats to do an all day  lifestyle shoot. We got some excellent photos done that day. I have been keeping it under wraps as everything was not quite ready yet with the website.

You will be happy to know this week they opened up and I get to tell you guys about it as well as share with you some photos.


Here are a couple and you can check some of them out at

So here’s the low down. TightLinz is a members only (free membership) community that gets access to brands names at up to 70% off of retail.  They have to keep it members only so it will not show up in search engines.

Once a week TightLinz sends an email to your inbox to let you know about new sales events. Each event last just 72 hours or until they sell out.

One cool thing about this community is that they will credit you $10 for each friend you refer that ends up buying.

Invite as many friends as you like. The events are starting small and will grow quickly and will include tackle, apparel, accessories as well as boating gear and travel!

I checked it out and yes the discounts is pretty substantial. I have been on a couple “guide deal” program and I have to say, the discounts are as good some even better.

The 1st events are featuring Shakespeare combos, Fenix LED lights and gear, clothing and accessories from Old Harbor Outfitters.