3F Adventures episode 2 shoot, Miami bone fish with Captain Joe Gonzalez


This past weekend was spent down in Miami, Florida shooting footage for the next episode of 3F Adventures. With a limited budget and time we were on a very tight schedule to get it all done in less than 48 hours. A big thanks goes to Flats Mafia Apparel and Don’s bait and tackle who helped us out for this shoot.

Like I said the schedule was tight and we only had one day and a half to get it all done so the day started off very early for us. Lauren met me at my house at 5am to get the truck loaded with all my camera gear. We took her car as it will have a ton on gas. It was a tight fit but I was surprised it all fit.

We drove down I-75 and stopped to get some gas before we had to cross the famous alligator alley stretch. By 9:45 our first stop was Don’s bait and tackle in homestead. A stop at Burger King for breakfast and quick run to home depot to pick up some things I forgot and were shooting Don’s bait and tackle video to be inserted into our video.

a quick stop for cuban toast and cafe con leche to get some energy in the system.

We were done by noon and drove to meet Capt Honson Lau (Benzo on Saltyshores) to get Lauren a quick fly fishing lesson. After a bit we were off to get her first fish on fly at a local fresh water pond. The shoot was quite entertaining and we had a few laughs for sure. We got this done by 4pm and it was off for the food portion of the show.

Honson recommended a local Greek Festival that was going on near by and so that was what we did. There was music and all kinds of Greek food to be had. I made Lauren tried almost all the food until she felt like exploding. By this time it was 9 ish and it was time to find a hotel to crash.

The next morning we met Captain Joe Gonzalez at the ramp to get some fishing in. I don’t want to got into much details here about the fishing until the show comes out but I have to say we did quite well given the conditions we had. Lauren got her first bone fish and the shoot turned out great.

We packed it up around 430pm and drove back home to Tampa. Now the real work begins with archiving data and editing.

I should have a trailer by next week but in the mean while here are some production stills and screen captures from the shoot.