3F Adventures, first episode with Lauren Alvarez and Jason Stock


This is the first of four episode of 3F Adventures (Fishing, food, fun) video show my partner Mark Soussou and I are producing.

For a very limited shoe string budget turned out great.

Thanks goes out to Breathe Like a fish Apparel who helped us out on this first shoot.

The concept is a lifestyle show that is fun, entertaining and appeal to a wide demographics.

On this episode our host Lauren Alvarez(and avid fisherman) goes fishing with Captain Jason Stock from a Kayak. This was her first time fishing from a Kayak and she manages to get her first redfish on top water as well as manage to get bit by a needle fish.

She then find a local eat at Owen’s fish camp. A family owned restaurant close to downtown Sarasota. She is in the kitchen with the chef then dines with one of the owners.

There is also a segment where Lauren does a “how to” segment on loop knots.

The next day we wrap up the show as she goes snorkeling at the near by beaches.

We learned a lot from this first shoot and many mistakes were made. This will only make the next one even better!

The next show is set to be shot down in Miami Florida to catch bone fish in Biscayne bay with Captain Joe Gonzalez . Joe currently holds the record as the man with most tagged bone fish.

Watch it in full HD at http://www.3fatv.com   Facebook fan page for the latest updates at: http://www.facebook.com/3fatv