Tampa big trout bite with Del Calhoun, Kayak Fishing


One of the problem with actually fishing and not just being out on the water is that you never get any really cool shots. By cool shots I mean those nice sunrise, action, candid photos. When these moments happens and you have a fishing rod in your hand by the time you reel in and get the camera out of the storage it is pretty much over. Staging it sometimes work but the really really cool stuff, for the most part, just can not be staged effectively.

I say this because looking over my photos from the last fishing outing with Del all I have are grip and grin shots. No action, no scenic, no candid moments. The photos besides showing the fish we caught just does not seem to tell the story. So now you know, if have really really cool shots chances are I’m not fishing just taking photos. Ahh.. the things I sacrifice to capture good images for you guys. 🙂

Those that know me back in the day before I really got into the photography knew I was an avid fisherman. And like most avid fisherman, I try to get out as much as I can. Sometimes this means once a week but many times it was more like 4 times a week. I got out so much that I started to become burnt out on it. If that actually happens. When I started to take better photos, the sharing of images actually honed new interest for me.

I bring this up because it seems that many new to Saltyshores and or Facebook assume that I am just a lowly photographer with zero fishing skillz. 🙂 I joke around here but believe it or not this is actually the case with many people I know in the fishing industry. I have met many people in sales, marketing, crunch numbers and have no desire to fish or fish very little. You would think it was the opposite that these guys fish all the time. At first I was quite surprised myself.

To try to change this image to the newer visitors of SS, I am forced to get photos of my self with fish every now and then. Not a bad task really.

Now back to the fishing report.

This past week the weather had been nasty with cold fronts coming in one after another. Thursday had an opening of a beautiful day and I wanted to get to do some fall fishing in the flats. I called my artist friend Del Calhoun up to see if he wanted to get out for a few hours. I try to get a couple other guys together but their schedule just did not work.

We decided to Kayak fish today so I loaded the Hobbie Revo up the back of the truck with two rods and a couple boxes of tackle. In the tackle box was the Paul Browns(something I always wanted to try), Yo Zuri Crystal Shrimp(new from Yo Zuri) and DOA shrimp. Del was using the top water the entire time.

The bite was sporadic at first first with a few small snook and trout. With this first cold front and the grass dying off the floating grass made treble hook lures like the PB and Crystal Shrimp painful to use so I stuck with the DOA shrimp for the most part.

When the tide started to switch things turned on. We were catching bigger snook along with a few redfish in the lower 20’s. The best fish of day came around lunch time. We were on our way in and worked pot holes. After spooking a few fish I was able to sneak up on nice pod of fish and made a cast up current of him. It got swooped up right away and fought really well. I thought it was a redfish since it was pulling nicely but when it started to zig zag I’m thinking snook, when it shoot is’ head, wow a trout!  I yell over to Del and then he hooks up on big trout on top water.

We both landed our fish 25″ and 26″ trout sight cast from Kayaks something neither of  us I have never done on trout this big.  After a few photos and successful release of the fish we figure we couldn’t do better than this and headed in. On the way in we caught a couple more smaller redfish to cap off a nice day and as a bonus got a few photos of my self with fish for a change.

Lure note: With the clear water the DOA Shrimp 382 caught the big fish today.

Photo note.: did not have the DSLR cameras with me that day. All photos shot on the Sony NEX-5.


Check out the strange growth on this trout’s nose.