Chums Adjustable Orbiter

When Cablz the stainless sunglass retainer came out a couple years ago with won ICAST 2009 accessory category. It has been a hit and a big seller ever since.

  • They do not absorb swet and odor. This create that funky smell.
  • Do not get wet
  • The stainless steel version last quite a long time

Before this even happen Richard Osgood already me about them. They are an excellent product and great people to work with. They even sponsored the Salty Fly this year.

Similar products on the market out are made now by Croakies and Chums. Croakies has the Arc and more recently Chums came out with the Orbiter.

One of the issue I have with these stainless glasses retainer that when you are wearing a hoodie or leaning back it pushes your glasses forward.  Chums has came up with a way to make them adjustable via the Orbiter.

Here is a quick video of the product.

Thanks for Supporting the Salty Fly 2012