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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Salty Fly Tournament 2012 is opening up for registration soon., Renzetti Fair 2011

Salty Fly 2012, the largest fly tournament in Florida is opening up to general registration Monday Dec 5th.

Last year it sold out in 3 days. If you want to be involve and want up to the minute announcement information, go like

Also the Renzetti 2011 Fly tying Fair is happening this Saturday in Titsuville, Fl. If you need more details go here. I do plan on attending.

Chow low down, 717 South Restaurant in Tampa with Krista Tucker by Dale Snead

This is our first installment of new series of “Chow Low Down”. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Chow Low Down at 717 South Tampa, Florida



Wednesday brought the 3F Adventures crew ( this time tolerating me) to 717 South Howard Ave. in the SoHo district in South Tampa a long time destination for foodies of the area.

Chef Robert Masson was going to be preparing for us a seafood meal that I did not want to miss. “Chef” has been awarded numerous awards in his 9 years at 717 South and is one to think quickly on his feet. His credo is “Keep it Simple” (for a simpleton like me…well that is just fine) though “Chefs” simple is viewed through a Italian Asian fusion. An interesting twist to an interesting man, an avid fisherman and adventurer (just rolled his Jeep 4-wheelin’ that previous week).

My previous visits have included most recently the chicken picatta (served with mashed potatoes of all things – and it was good!).
The Seafood bisque (a favorite of the frequent there)was prepared and was very good. Not your traditional bisque ( a somewhat secret spice is used and once you learn what it is, you’ll go “oh yeah, that was it!” )however it was warm and creamy full of the delicate fruit of the sea.

The main course was what the crew was drooling over pistachio crusted Black Grouper ( Chilean Sea Bass is also used for this dish depending of the availability of freshness and quality) with a white wine/lobster sauce,with Portobello mushrooms and shrimp. The lightly toasted pistachios complimented well the sweet delicate, flakey fresh grouper and conversely it contrasted it in texture. The simple yet flavorful sauce brought out the true beauty of the dish. The shrimp were not tough and dry but rather just firm and tender, and sweet. We all could have eaten more of that speaking to the appreciating of the dish and not to the portion which was ample. The sides were perfectly cooked (not floppy, but with just a bit of crunch) asparagus spears and fluffy white rice that just oooozzzzzed goodness when loaded on the fork with the fish and the sauce.

Finally, with Thanksgiving just around the corner, “Chef” brought to us his now famous in our eyes “Punkin’ Cheese Cake”. Staying true to form and keeping it simple, he only used 7 ingredients if you don’t count the simple graham cracker crust.

It was both Elegant and at the same time homey, served with a dollop of whipped cream with a mint garnish. My opinion of it? Well lets just say that I plan on making that for my loved ones this Thanksgiving (although, I know mine will not be as good as “Chef’s”).

For most dinner entrees you are looking at less than $20 so the outlay to reward ratio is heavily tilted to your favor. At lunch there is a 1/2 Chef’s Daily Sandwich Special & Cup of Cupboard Soup or 717 Salad 8.95.

When ever you are in the South Tampa area or if you would like to make this a dining destination (they do accept reservations but have a well apportioned bar if you would like to “enjoy a short wait). They also have special nights with Tampa Bay area Celeb Bartenders (such as Joe Madden and various artists, musicians and other sports figures) on a regular basis for giving back to the community.

I highly recommend you go. Say “Howdy” to “Chef” and tell ’em we sent ya!


717 South Tampa, Florida


Mosquito Lagoon with da Skinny Water Culture crew

Skinny Water Culture, a fishing/street culture apparel company out of Tampa, FL. that has a creative vibe to every piece of clothing that they put out. I’ve been working with SWC for about a year or so and they have been very supportive on custom items that fit my needs. This past Saturday, Vince who is the man behind the brand and Chase who creates all of the designs for SWC met up with me for a day on the Mosquito Lagoon to do some fishing and to go over some new fabrics and designs for new products in the works. The winds were howling a good 10-15mph out of the East so we were limited to where we could fish and there was a Rocket launch scheduled that morning at 10am over at NASA so the South portion of Mosquito Lagoon was restricted. We were forced to tuck behind islands to get out of the wind at a spot I like to call “Escondido” only to find tails popping up and fish crawling the shorelines all around us. Well, you probably know what happened after that….

Each fish was celebrated with a beer break to share some laughs and talk about the future of the company. Skinny Water Culture has some good things to come in the future with great new fabrics, new designs, and new products for 2012. One of my favorites is the new SWC Tech Hooded jacket. Talk about a stylish, super comfortable, and well manufactured multifunctional product for the Winter! What’s cool about these guys is that they not only design clothes for the sport, they actually have a passion for it and are really good at it! Make sure you check out their stuff at

-Capt. Willy Le

Yo-zuri Shrimp Field Test

In the past couple months I have been doing a bit of traveling and have had other things like moving which have kept me off the water.  Well, things have finally started setting down and I have picked off where I started.  I got my hands on a few Yo-Zuri shrimp.  This lure looks amazing and can certainly catch fishermen… now comes the most important question, how does it do at catching fish?

Here are the results:






Portable wireless speaker system the Jambox by Jawbone: review


Being near the Christmas holidays I know many of you are looking for cool gift ideas. (more later on this)

Lauren told me about this speaker system the other day while we were shooting the 3Fadventures .

The product is called a Jambox by jawbone, the same people that makes Bluetooth headsets. I always wanted something I could carry with me to show people videos and music during trade shows and while traveling. I bought a couple wired ones($39 to $89 dollars range)  that works but it was such a pain to deal with all the cables at times and they quite frankly did not sound that good.

A wireless blue tooth solution was perfect but I wanted something that was loud and sounded good as well.

After some research on the jambox I decided to buy one. I have to say I’m pretty satisfied. By no means will the sound beat a true monster home system but for the size and what it offers it is well worth it.

  • The sound is excellent, good bass considering the size
  • Last up to 10 hours
  • pairing with your phone, ipad was effortless
  • With only 4 buttons it was very easy to use and figure out.
  • sticky shell so it wont slide on boats and car dashes
  • Any phone with bluetooth can use it which is pretty much all smart phones these days droids and iphones.
  • small compact, no knobs, nothing to snap off.
  • Easy to charge. Any micro usb works

I found the unit at best buy at 25% off but looking on line many places were out of stock of them.

Here is a link to Amazon at the Sale price.: JamBox Amazon

Bellow is a video I did so you could hear the sound quality.

How to Deep Fry a Turkey for Thanksgiving with Hank


Today like most people I had turkey for the Thanksgiving holiday.

If you have never had deep fried turkey you have to give it a try. To me, it taste better, more moist and much faster to cook.

Not that I am going to take credit for deep frying a turkey but my friend Hank said he would cook it for me if I got the turkey and bring it over.

Here’s the process.

1 already thawed turkey. I got one about 12 lbs at lest than 60cents per pound
I injected the turkey with a Cajun Butter kit from Stubbs. This was bought at Winn Dixie and it came with the injector and all for about $5.00

Next was to preheat the deep fryer filled with peanut oil to 325 degrees.
Lower the Turkey really slow to avoid spillage
let it sit for 4.25 minutes times lb of turkey.

So 12 x 4.25 = 51 minutes and I had moist delicious turkey. Thanks Hank!

Groupon for fishing tackle, just in time for the holidays

I’m sure everyone has heard of groupon by now.  If you haven’t,  it is basically a daily email for  great discounts on goods and services around you local area. It is super popular and from what I have seen the savings are pretty significant.

While at ICAST  I ran into a guy name Dave. He was telling me about a similar concept but geared towards fishing products.

Dave knew me from the photos on Saltyshores and wanted me do some life style photos for the website that was to be launched in a couple months. We exchanged cards and that was one of the many quick meetings I had at ICAST.

To be honest, I thought nothing of it but I got an email from Dave one day wanting to line up photo shoot  with four to five models that could fish. This was when I knew they were serious.

They actually flew down one day to do the shoot. We got four girls 2 boats to do an all day  lifestyle shoot. We got some excellent photos done that day. I have been keeping it under wraps as everything was not quite ready yet with the website.

You will be happy to know this week they opened up and I get to tell you guys about it as well as share with you some photos.


Here are a couple and you can check some of them out at

So here’s the low down. TightLinz is a members only (free membership) community that gets access to brands names at up to 70% off of retail.  They have to keep it members only so it will not show up in search engines.

Once a week TightLinz sends an email to your inbox to let you know about new sales events. Each event last just 72 hours or until they sell out.

One cool thing about this community is that they will credit you $10 for each friend you refer that ends up buying.

Invite as many friends as you like. The events are starting small and will grow quickly and will include tackle, apparel, accessories as well as boating gear and travel!

I checked it out and yes the discounts is pretty substantial. I have been on a couple “guide deal” program and I have to say, the discounts are as good some even better.

The 1st events are featuring Shakespeare combos, Fenix LED lights and gear, clothing and accessories from Old Harbor Outfitters.




in the cone of death………..

With the hurricane season officially behind us and the more common northerly winds filling our days I had a chance to reflect on a few memorable afternoons back in September. I reckon as we get older those days where school is called off because the prospect of an approaching storm are simply no longer welcomed. Hell, many of us Floridians burdened by excessive windstorm premiums feel blessed another season flew by unscathed. These parts ain’t a cheap place to call home and that is with certainty I say this.

While we avoided the cone of death (which can be defined as the only justification necessary for Miami TV stations to go into non-stop hurricane coverage and scare the crap out of South Florida residents) and the general BS media hype associated to it, the repercussions of nearby misses did have some effects. Typically the late summer months into October are characterized by extreme high water on the flats. Combine this with a near miss swell or surge and what we have is extremely high water, i.e. zero tailing fish for days.

I suppose every once in a while those days that you expect the least are the ones that end up surprising you the most and on one particular day this would prove quite true. When your day starts with doubled over fly rods, a pair of nice bones and an old friend…………it’s hard to get better but it did.

And while we barely saw any water low enough for tailing fish it did prevent our common late afternoon boiling water temps and the fish were on the feed……………and we gladly welcomed them

fish kept coming to hand……………..

we were damn blessed and we knew it………….

by day’s end we had tagged 8 fish for Bonefish & Tarpon Trust after nearly a dozen bites.

Needless to state a good day of fishing always provides some motivation at the vice……….

Somethings never get old or ever lose their luster, particularly bonefish with a fly rod…………………..guess when that happens time to take up golf

Back to regularly scheduled wintertime exploring I guess.

Happy Thanksgiving……………lots to be thankful for that is for sure.

Canon EOS C300 camera hands on


Recently Canon announced the EOS C300 cinema camera. This is a super 35 sensor video camera aimed to compete with the likes of the “red” series camera. The quality, versatility and low light sensitivity of this camera is incredible. You can read all about the specs here if you’re interested.

Thanks to a last minute invite by a friend Mike(Mooky)I had a chanced to mess around with it first hand last night when the Canon rep was in town. Though the C300 was the big draw I must admit it’s well over what I need. I was impressed with the XF100, and hope to get a chance to demo this unit later on.


Sample of the c300 video