3F Adventures video pilot project


One of the projects we have been working on is called 3F adventures with our host Lauren Alvarez.

Lauren is a fun loving avid fisher woman. I met her last year while she was interning at the PTTS down in Boca grande. She has fished many tournaments and landed many tarpon since then. I figured she would be the perfect host for this show.

Watching many of the shows on the air you often see the same concept playing out. Not that our idea is 100% original, we just wanted to do something a little different with a fishing show.

For the show, 3F stands for Fishing Fun and Food. Fishing will take up 50% of the air time and the rest will be filled with fun adventures at the travel destinations and good eats.

We completed filming the first episode (Thanks goes to BLAF Apparel for sponsoring the men’s apparel) and should be ready to show in about two weeks.

We will be shooting four shows in various destination.

We shot this entire thing on literally a shoe string budget. I mean barely enough to pay for food, gas, and water for everyone involved in the project.

Currently we seeking partners in the project to offset expenses like gas and food. In exchange, our partners get exposure both embedded in show and graphics. They also and get rights to use the video to promote their products and services via their website and various media material. Materials like DVD, internet, thumb drives etc.

If you are interested in being a part of if all, shoot me over an email sam@saltyshores.com