Micro Skiff = Micro Tarpon

My buddy Dominic has been working on this little Micro Skiff for a couple years now. When he first bought it, I thought in my head “what a piece of junk!”. This skiff was just a bare 1974 14ft fiberglass hull with a 4.5ft beam and it was beat up to death, but Dominic had big plans for it that I didn’t see.

It took a while but now the micro skiff is close to completion. With Dominic’s brother being a local surfboard shaper, and also growing up with local skiff builders, Dominic has been around fiberglass enough to know what he’s doing. I was impressed when I came over one day and he had his “piece of junk” all sanded down and decks cut to a perfect fit of how he wanted it. Shortly afterwards, he has laid in all the decks, glassed, and sanded ready to be coated. To me, it still looked like a piece, but once the deck was all sprayed by a former boat builder, I couldn’t believe my eyes! All it needs is a poling platform and a couple more minor accessories to be fully complete, but right now it’s good enough to take out for a fishing/poling/running test, just slap on the 15HP Nissan tiller motor and we are good to go.

All I can say about this micro skiff is that it is bad to the bone! It feels like you are on a surfboard doing whatever maneuvers you want it to do. We spent most of the morning just doing S-turns and 360’s in the middle of the Indian River Lagoon, giggling like little school girls. Top speed with the 2 of us was around 23-24mph with a 15HP.

After the running test, we went back in the way back country, through neighborhood canals with dogs barking at us, and through some VERY tight bushy places, to get to a little spot that holds juvenile tarpon. Equipped with flyrods, we took turns on the bow and poling the skiff. This skiff fished very well considering how small it is, it’s not as tippy as I thought it would be and it poled effortlessly, maybe a little too easy to pole.

After jumping a few mini tarpon, we decided to go back out to the open river and do some more S-turns and 360’s just for kicks….I wonder what the people driving over the causeway were thinking. This little micro skiff definitely impressed me with how well it fished, and how soft of a ride it has. At the end of the day, it kinda makes me wanna go out and get a “piece of junk”, build it from scratch, then go shred the river when it’s all done.

-Capt. Willy Le



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