2012 Shimano Stradic FJ is on fire.


In the salt water world, Saltyshores is at the top of the food chain both in visitors and google when it comes to non forum based fishing blog. When there is a post on SS about a new fishing product you will usually see us on the first page of a google search. Sometimes even beating out the manufactures themselves.

One of the new reels that was shown at the ICAST 2011 in Las Vegas this summer was the Stradic FJ reels.

The Stradic is one of the most popular spinning reels here in Florida. It was no surprised when Honson did a real world saltwater review of it would be a very popular post.

From the google analytics of the last couple months reveal, there are many people looking up information about the new Shimano Stradic FJ reels. It looks like there has been over 10,000 direct hits to Shimano Stradic JF specific pages. This does not count the non direct views.

If you’re a store this is great info to carry a couple of these reels when your rep comes by.

If you are a manufacture of products, or in the promotional department perhaps you might consider working with us here on Saltyshores.com