2011 Fall mullet run fishing with Patrick Sebile and Capt. Andy Tasker


Man what a day today.. had to take care of a flat tire this morning. Then while upgrading my iphone to IOS5, it erased all my data. So had to spend time restoring from my google backups. !

Last week I had a chance to fish with Patrick Sebile over in Ft. Pierce, Florida. The mullet run is at it’s tail end there but the bite had been real good.

The night I got there Patrick and I decided to fish the jetty area with out much luck.  We figured it would better to get up early and do some shore fishing that morning around his condo. 630 am we were fishing the shore line and got into some mackerel, jacks and blue fish action. The glamour species like the tarpon and snook where no where to be found however.

That night we met up with Captain Andy Tasker down in Stuart Florida. I first saw Andy on Facebook always with nice snook.  Usually when I see people holding fish on FB I figure they had a great day and contribute it to a lucky trip. Andy however was consistently putting up some photos of nice fish. This was the first time I was to meet Andy while fishing with Patrick.

Andy got us out to a nice dock light load with snook. Everytime a pod of mullet would come by they would go crazy. It was quite exciting to hear all those snook popping in the light. Patrick and Andy started to cast lures and was catching snooks. I though the most effective lure would be the stick shad or magic swimmer but it turned to be the coolie minnow.


After a few snook a big storm rolled in and we had to bag it to see if the storm would past. About one and a half hour later it finally past and we relaunched the boat. This time Andy got us to a near by bridge. This was when action really started. There were snook and tarpon explosions every where.. it was very very cool. This night we caught snook after snook and once again the coolie minnow was the lure that got the most bite.

We called it a night about 3am so we could rest up for the next day’s fishing with Andy.


The next day we we met Andy right after lunch about 1pm. Middle of the day tarpon fishing was the plan. Patrick was testing out the new Penn reel and casing flat shad and magic swimmers. Andy did the slow troll mullet and this time the mullet was the clear winner. We hooked 4 tarpon and got one to the boat for a photo before calling it a day.

Andy is relatively a new guide in the area, but he isn’t a new fisherman my any means.  He’s young, highly motivated and an excellent fisherman. I would definitely look him up next time I’m in town.


One of Andy’s video, fishing with Bananas…


I’m working on my night video…here is a start of the edit.