Wooden Boat Show – Georgetown, SC

Today was the 22nd annual Wooden Boat Show here in Georgetown, SC – in my opinion this is Gtown’s coolest event. Every year people come from miles around to enjoy the hand-crafted boats, food, and good southern company. If you are into hand-built boats or wooden boats, then you need to add this to your calendar for 2012.These boat-builders have skills – hands down. There’s always some amazing boats on display, but the real highlight is the boat building competition that goes on throughout the day. Contestants get the afternoon to build a small wooden boat from scratch and then race it across a section of the river. There’s always a couple of them that sink, which makes for a rowdy race. If you are interested check out www.woodenboatshow.com – the crowd gets bigger every year.

The Wooden Boat Show didn’t start until lunch so Chad and I slipped out at dawn before the festivities got fired up. The weatherman called for a 5mph wind but we were greeted with a stiff 20mph…imagine that. Our fly fishing plans got 86’d, but we scratched out a few belly crawling reds nonetheless.

Update: After posting this I actually had a chance to meet the builders of the boat in pics 3-5. They were putting the boat in the water for the first time today at one of our local boat ramps. A guy from Georgetown actually had this boat built to be the tender for his yacht (yeah – he’s got it going on). The boat was built by Shearline Boatworks in Morehead City, NC. Check them out at www.shearlineboatworks.com .



Steam engine wooden skiff – damn what a cool boat. They actually fired this thing up for everybody to see.

The young grom you see at the bow of this boat actually built this rig from hand on-site…he was the youngest competitor to ever enter the wooden boat show’s boat building competition. Afterwards, he rowed his boat across the river amongst the competition  – the kid is hardcore!

Jay Nelson