Local Fish artist profile: Del Calhoun


With the current economy Del Calhoun turned his career from an out of work construction worker to starving artist. He is not quite sure if it is for the better but he sure loves what he does.

Del carves and paints local inshore saltwater fish species of redfish, trout, snookt and tarpon. Though those are this target when he fishes the local waters of E.G.Simmons Park I saw many other species on this walls. Bass, permit, sheepshead, look downs, and rainbow trout just to name a few.

Working the local shows and sales off his website fishonart.com He tells me he’s happy making a few bucks here and there and seem very content for now. Every time I bump into Del he is always in a good mood and certainly come across as not having a care in the world.

His work is quite good, inexpensive and his fishy attitude definitely gives a person good reason to drop a couple dollars his way. I don’t think he will be earning the construction money paycheck that he once did, but for now he is content and happy. This you can not deny.