DOA glow shrimp and Sebile splasher at 1000 frames a second.


John from JWS Creative and I had the opportunity to test the Phantom Miro 4 by vision research.
I believe this is the same company that made the camera filming jumping Great Whites on Shark Week.

At 1000fps your max clip was only 17 seconds and everything was manual. F stop focus, ISO etc.. all manual setting. It is by no means a practical camera to shoot everything with. However if you are looking to shoot something stunning and with lasting impact, high speed video is tough to surpassed.

These cameras are not cheap but you can rent them on a per day rate basis.

This clip is of a DOA glow shrimp landing at 1000 fps.

This one is of a Sebile top water Splasher.

Me dunking in water my iphone 4 in w/ lifeproof case