Deck Gear custom leaning post, chair and casting deck combo


Yesterday I got out on the water with the Deck Gear guys Jim and Mark. A couple good ole boys from Sarasota Florida. Mark, the inventor of the chair had a not so different story of wanting a product to help his fishing and just could not find one that suited his needs. Out of necessity the Deck Gear fishing chair was born.

We fished out of it for an hour so in 15 mph winds.  Marc tells me it really shines in rough water as he designed it to fish the beaches of the west coast for tarpon. Dealing with rollers and not being in his 20’s anymore he wanted something he could fish long hours with. The standard chair acts as a leaning post, chair, a cup holder and two rod holders.

My first impression was that it was very well made, sturdy and looks to be made to last. Sounds cliche yes, but that was the impression and it’s tough to put it in another manner. While running the boat it didn’t flex and was stable. I can definitely see how it would work for me in fishing the beach or bridges when it is a little rough or holding a camera. Besides keeping you upright and balance, your feet would appreciate the rest fishing those long days in red fish tournament as well.

Installation is pretty straight forward. The chair connects to the front cleat or your chair mount. It is removable and according to my measurement 13″ x 13″ square so should fit most boats. They were willing to listen to my input which is quite different  most manufacture I know.  I told them they needed a wrap for fly fisherman. This way the fly lines don’t get all tangled up in the cup and rod holders.

On a lighter note, I must add the one thing that I would probably used the most is the cup holder on the bow. I hate it when I have to leave my morning coffee at the back of the boat when I needed to fish. It gets cold and eventually spill all over the deck or blow out of the boat, because I eventually forget about it. Ahhh.. the simple pleasures in life.

Beach Tarpon goers, bridge fisherman and anyone that fishes their bay boat, flats boat in windy rough water at times would love this seat.

Check them out at: At least go check out more photos of the pretty bikini girls. 🙂


I shot this video yesterday while on the boat and did a quick edit of it.