A Welcome Change of Season

We had our first taste of fall this weekend as temps dropped into the 40’s at night and didn’t climb much above 70 during the day. We headed out with jackets and blue jeans to enjoy what may be one of our last good “tailing tides” of the season. The winds picked up with the cold front, but the fish didn’t seem to mind – they were happily tailing and cruising the spartina flats for fiddler crabs. As we were searching the flat for tails, a dozen blue winged teal decided to take rest in the flooded grass. As we poled closer to the ducks I commented to Douglas that it would be “awesome if a tail popped up” – well sometimes you get what you wish for. Watching a fish tail its brains out alongside a group of migratory ducks is a pretty cool way to ring in the fall season. This is my favorite time of year without a doubt – football, family, food, happy fish, and a cool breeze in the air.

Jay Nelson www.winyahguide.com