XFish Suf

This past weekend I came across something interesting that caught my eye.  It appears that Vern Tokarczyk, the founder of Xfishsuf, has been clever enough to create a paddle board geared towards fisherman.  I was very impressed with the amount of thought he had put in making the paddle board functional and comfortable.  I always liked the idea of being able to stand up while fishing the shallows but several hours of standing and balancing would be murder on the body, thus the incorporation of a seat was a brilliant idea.  It also allows 360 degree fishability, unlike a kayak.  He also designed a compartment forward of the seat that could be used for storage or even recessed for a cooler.   For the fisherman with bad knees or shoulders, or just too lazy to paddle, they have the option to pick a model and have it outfitted with a trolling motor.    I also like the way the paddle board sits low in the water, therefore making it easy to grab a rail and climb in without much fear of tipping the entire thing over.

The Xfish company is located in Sarasota so hopefully myself or Sammy can make a trip down there and get one wet and see how middle aged clumsy guys fare on them.