My underwater Swordfish attack in Duck Key with Brandon and Josh


I have a really good excuse for all my misspelling on this report today. My ring finger has a broken tendon and it is wrapped up in a brace at this moment.

The tendon did not break due to stupid embarrassing accident this time. The finger is busted battling a sword fish underwater, 30 miles offshore, in 2,000 feet of water. Yeah, cool story right?

This fishing story started off like most of my fishing tales. It begin with a phone call, email or message on Facebook. Me finding time, neglecting more important things in life to squeeze it in.

This trip however ended much more interesting than most. This trip ended with me in the water being attacked by a swordfish from the depth.

It started off as a great day with Josh and Brandon when the 180lb sword fish was caught on the first drop. Then everything just seem to just die off suddenly. We fished for over 6 hours with nothing to speak off. Singing on the radio and telling jokes got old after so much of it. Since we were so many miles offshore though we stuck it out.

Towards 5pm we started to get bites once again. This lifted our energy level up quite a bit. It was only met with disappointment as we lost two hero day ending fish one right after another. The boys were quite frustrated as was I. Eager to get into the water I had all my gear ready to go only to have to put them away when the hook pulled. We contemplated calling it a day.

It was now approaching time to head back to port. After all once it gets dark photos would be useless. Brandon decided to do one last drop. This faithful decision paid off as we hooked up and the fish stuck. Battling available light, I get my gear ready to jump in. As soon as the 100 feet marker appear I jumped in.

I noticed the sword fish was fouled hooked right away but this did not deter me. The fish had great colors and I wanted my last photo of the day to be a good one. As I swim towards the fish it became apparent he was quite green and full of energy even after coming up almost 2,000 feet.

As I swim closer it swims faster. I follow suite only to have him do a 180 degree spin, turbo accelerate and spearing me. Yikes!…I was stunned and only manage to escape harm because it hit the dome of my camera. It made a  loud thud as I was taken aback by this apparent assassination attempt.

Gathering my bearings, I cautiously drifted back and yelled out to the boat “This fish is fouled hooked, you can’t control him, go ahead and land him. I’m getting back into the boat”. As they reeled the fish in I worked my way towards the boat. I did not want to be too far away from the boat during low light hours. This is when the man in the grey suites comes out especially when you have a fish struggling next to the boat. Any shark that can eat this sword fish is definitely big enough to dine on me as well.

As I make my way towards the vessel, the angry bill fish makes a loop and comes at me yet again. The first charge caught me a bit off guard but time, I had zero doubt he wants to make a skewer out of me. Snapping away, I held up the camera to try to block him. This time it failed. It tagged me on the right side of my ribs as I try to kick away. I can hear the boys in the boat in shock as this was going down.

Instinctively I grabbed the fish by the bill as he struggles to be set free. After a brief squirmish,  I swam the fish towards the boat to end the drama filled moments. In retrospect,  I was quite lucky the fish shattered its bill on the camera housing the first go at me. Otherwise I could have a hole in my chest or worst!

The only damage was a scratched underwater housing.  From the battle scares, my hands had small cuts on them, my finger has a torn tendon, the ribs are bruised and scratched. At the end of the day I feel very lucky to be pretty much in one piece. The sword fish also did quite well. He was tagged, revived and released back into the abyss to battle another day.

The 2nd attack as I clicked away. Noticed the shattered sword. Man he looks pissed!

The shattered bill.

The video of the entire event.

 Straight for me

Yikes getting closer..!

 And into my ribs… arrgh..