New G-Loomis Microfiber Shirt Review

Last week I was able to get a couple of the new G-Loomis microfiber shirts to try out.  These are a little different than any other microfiber currently on the market since they have a vented back to help keep you extra cool.  They are very comfortable and come in any color you want, as long as you want black or white.  I would guess that most fisherman would opt for the white shirts due to the black just being too hot to wear most of the year.  No matter what color you decide on, they both look great.  Now you can look stylish on the water or around town, without looking like you’re wearing a fishing shirt.

At first, I was worried about the white getting extremely dirty and the stains not coming out in the washing machine.  However, after a long day of fishing offshore, and getting covered in blood, I let the shirt sit overnight and washed it the following day.  After just one wash the shirt looked just like it did when I got it new.  With that being said, look for these shirts to be hitting your local tackle stores soon, but don’t expect them to stay there too long.