Jellyfish Invasion

Cocoa Beach is now being under attack of Moon Jellyfish! Ever since Hurricane Irene started pushing in the big surf on the East Coast, she also brought the Jellyfish with her. With the help of Hurricane Katia and Tropical Storm Maria, it is now getting worst. The water and waves look so inviting until you get into the water. Every time you paddle, your hand would hit one of these big slimy moon jellies, then you start to feel the zapping from all the broken tentacles from them. They feel like someone stabbing you with a hundred needles followed by an annoying itch leaving nasty welts all over your body. It hurts to have perfect waves and all you could do is stand on the beach and “mind surf” them….unless you wanna go in the water and get zapped!

-Capt. Willy Le



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