Lifeproof iphone 4 case, unboxing and water testing video


As you know I am on the water quite a bit and like many fisherman has lost my fair share of cell phones to the h2o. I have always used the ottobox brand in the pass for my droid x as well as my iphone 4(Verizon). Though the ottobox offered great protection it was still not water proof. Sure you can get a splash now and then but it definitely was not made to go snorkeling.

Through out my travels at shows there have been many cases that were waterproof but most were very bulky and would not be used on a daily basis. While I was on facebook the other day, I saw a link someone had put up for this thing called “lifeproof” phone case.

Shout out to “Kyle BigSnook Petrick”.. not sure if the big snook part is real or not but.. Kyle told me about the lifeproof case. 🙂

I saw water proof and clicked on it immediately. Being the naturally skeptical person that I am, I googled reviews and looked up videos on youtube. I was quite impressed with what I came across. They had videos of people throwing it across the field and people shooting videos and photos while snorkeling.

Right away I thought this was the case for me but at $69.00 I kind of hesitated. After a couple days of thinking about it and a close call on the boat I figured it was well worth the investment. Not only for just protection but I could use it do vlog,photos and video while it is raining or bad sea conditions. After all I am not going to always have my underwater gear with me.

Here is a video of me opening the box, installing it and dunking it water. Yes scary at first but it came through ..whew!