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The last couple months has been waaaaaaaaaay too much traveling with out any fishing. First was the ICAST show in Vegas, then the Fly show in New Orleans, then the Florida outdoor writer’s conference down in Naples.

This is great to gathering content and networking but when I get back there is like a ton of things I need to catch up on. This is never ending vicious cycle it seems.

Videos edits, photos edits, contest to run, stickers to send out, proposal to send out for upcoming projects. Overwhelming at times, but heck some one has to do it.

I just wanted to write this quick note on here to tell you guys what has been happening and what is coming up soon.


Salty Fly, the largest Fly only tournament in Florida is set for FEB 25th 2012. We already have many of sponsors from last year on board. We will have a title sponsor which will help with many of cost associated with running a bigger tournament. Among other things, we will have a PA system this time. We will have a big banner with sponsors on it. The coolest thing, if all goes well,  we will have an official preparty Friday night before the tournament with food and beer. Last year it sold out 40 boats in 3 days so everyone wanted to sign up early. However registration is not open yet. We are opening it up a little more this year and previous contestants will get a 24 hour lead time on the entries once we open things up.


Fly Fishing Expo Oct 21-22 Orlando FL: Speaking of fly fishing.  Florida’s largest fly only show coming up soon in October. It is the Fly EXPO to be held in Orlando Florida on the 21st and 22nd. The latest gear from all thefly companies. You get to meet and network with reps. They teach fly casting and fly tying there. The coolest part is that Flip Pallot will be there along with many other salt water fly legends. It is totally open to the public and the cost is $10.00. If you are into fly fishing is is your event to check out. Ever since the shallow water expo of years past, this is by far the best fly show in Florida.

Details can be found here: http://fff-florida.org/expo.htm and I will also be updating info here: http://saltyshores.com/wordpress/2011-fly-fishing-conclave-in-orlando-florida-oct-21-22nd-2011/


Changes in Saltyshore’s Lay out:

The past few weeks since the changes on the Saltyshores’s layout it’s been a bit of a mixed review. Some people love it, some people hate it. The main complaint is that it is a bit confusing and “can’t find anything”. So after a couple of those yesterday I’ve decided to change the site again to try to make it simpler to deal with. So stay tune for some cool changes.


Orlando Surf Expo 2011:

Next week I will be attend for the first the the Orlando Surf Expo. Yes there will be surf boards but there will be plenty of other outdoor gear there as well. Gear like underwater cameras, gadgets, outdoor apparel, and thousands of other brands.

A few of the salty fly sponsors will be there and I get a chance to mingle with people outside of the fishing specific realm. It’s always good to know people as you never know what meaningful connections you will make.


Saltyshores Store Front:

The store front has been fixed. This is where you get your SS stickers and such. This down for a few days due to the faster server upgrade. http://saltyshores.com/wordpress/calendar/


Show Pilot:

One project coming up that I’m  excited about is a show concept that me and another videographer is working on. It has fishing it but it also have other things I talk about here on Saltyshores and Facebook pages. Essentially a lifestyle of fishing, food and having fun in the areas  we visit.  This will be shot with multiple camera angles, camera boats and everyone will be wired for sound. Yes we are taking this seriously and the results should be very high quality on part with many of the fishing TV shows. We have a couple sponsors on board that has a vision but for the most part we doing it on our own. I hope to get a series of these shot and hope to get some support. Stay tuned.

Saltyshores give away on Facebook:

A couple days ago I ran facebook give away on facebook. Basically I pick a random fan on the facbook page that “voted” and send them free stuff. Paul Nocifora was the lucky winner and he will be receiving in the mail a micro fiber Daiwa hat, Mirror lure, Sebile lure  just by clicking a button. I will try to do this once a month and give away free stuff to fans of http://www.facebook.com/saltyshores
We have many sponsors that like to be involve in these promotions with goodies so get your name on the list and pay attention. The person we pick is totally random so you never know.