William Joseph Mag Series Boat Bag, Video from the New Orlean 2011 Fly Show


As you might have guess there were plenty of gear bags at the show. The bag that had my attention was the William Joseph mag series bags. This bag uses an earth magnet to open and close the majority of the lids instead of zippers. They tell me the reason they use an earth magnet is due to the fact that the natural magnets last quite a bit longer than man made magnets.

This is a dream come true for me on multiple levels. Being mostly a saltwater fisherman I have gone through many bags in my time. Mainly the trouble is caused by saltwater sprays. If I forget to rinse the bag off and clean the zippers really well after a day of  fishing, the zippers will corrode and eventually get stuck. This obviously renders the bags essentially useless. The issue has plagued me for years no matter how expensive the bags were. All it took was one slip up and it will eventually corrode on me. This new mag series by William Joseph will certainly solve this issue for me as there will be no zipper to corrode and get stuck.

The second issue is more about me being lazy. Many times I am adding leaders, getting pliers out, and changing lures on a boat. When the action is hot I tend to leave the lids open because I never know if I or someone else need to access again quickly. I have a bad habit of leaving the lid open and it creates a big mess. As you can imagine what happens when the run gets a bit rough. All the gear spills out all over the deck or even fly out of the boat to never never land.

With the mag series it is just one flip, it to close and one flip, it opens. A one handed operation. A dream come true for a non neat, non compulsive fisherman such as I. yeah baby!

The price point of the mag series bags is more expensive but there is lifetime warranty and it sure beats changing bags every few months. I am pretty sure this will be my next boat bag.

They also make Wading packs using the magnet technology.

William Joseph Mag Series bag.