New Daiwa Saltiga 2011 with mag sealed system, ICAST 2011


Daiwa came out with the new Saltiga at the ICAST 2011 show this past summer in Las Vegas. In this reel is the mag seal technology. It uses a type of liquid magnet to form a water proof seal around the bearings of the reel. With any new technology comes R&D cost and this reel was not cheap by any means. They are priced about $1000.00 to $1499.00.

I do have to admit though it’s pretty darn smooth plus the bonus of having the bling factor to impress your friends.

Here is a video I put together while I attended a writer’s the past couple days down in Naples. I had one of the writers demonstrate the reels for me while I did quick video demonstrating the mag seal technology.

Daiwa Mag seal technology in the Saltiga