8 weight fly rod shoot out 2011 by Yellowstone Angler


Yesterday someone sent me a link to a fly rod review concentrating on the 8wt line of fly rods. Since 8 wt rod for us here in Florida is pretty much the best all around rod to have for saltwater fishing, I found the results quite interesting.

The guys at Yellowsone Angler are not only credible but did a pretty thorough job in their reviews. They took 13 rods and gave it a good run down from price, weight, speed and performance.

It was not surprising to see that some of really highly rated rods did not have to cost $600 to $800. As a mater of fact a sub $300 rods beat many of the expensive rods in both weight and overall performance.

Here is the chart of the results and you can get more details on their website.

Yellow Stone Angler 8 wt shoot out 2011