New Nautilus Monster Reel


The fly show in New Orleans was small compared to ICAST but none the less it had some cool items to look at. I spent much of my time networking with many of the manufacturers that support the Saltyshores and the Salty Fly. If I had time and saw something interesting I would walk up to the booth and see what was cool.

Most of the time it was great and I got to meet new people. One moment that didn’t go over so well was one slow traffic afternoon. I walked into this booth to check out a new rod. The salesman in the booth came up to me. I looked up and said, “Hey, I hear you got a cool new rod out, can you tell me a little about it?”. He pointed over to a LCD screen and said “There is a video over there playing in a loop, go check it out…”. I walked over to the screen and watched it for a couple minutes. It was in the middle somewhere so I just walked off as I had no idea how long this video was gonna last. Other than that everyone I met was pretty cool.

Speaking of cool, one of supporter of the Salty Fly, Nautilus Reels won best Saltwater Fly reel of show with their new Monster Reel.

I had Ron and Alice help me film the interview with Kristen Mustad about the reel before they even won the award.