Server Upgrade and Canvas Prints


As you probably have noticed SS has been running really really slow here in the last couple months. It’s been pretty agonizing to me as well. Yesterday after getting back from the Fly show I went ahead and did the much needed upgrade to make the server and website run much faster.

As you can imagine this caused the website to go down with database errors for about 6 hours while we get things back on track. I am happy to say we are back up and running much faster than before.

On another note. I decided to experiment with canvas printing last week. I ordered a 20×30″ stretched canvas print of one of my underwater sword fish photos. It came in today and I have to say was pretty pleased at the results. This canvas is totally ready to hang.

I stuck it up on facebook and it has already been sold for $200.00. I will be printing a tailing bonefish, tailing redfish as well as tarpon here this week. Heck, next thing you know I might be opening a gallery soon. 🙂

Here is the next 20 x 30 Canvas print that has been ordered. It is a black and white I called
“Ghost in the mist.”