August in South Florida, Bonefish and Tunas


With the weather forecast being so nice Jay and I decided to make a road trip down to fish with a a couple friends.  Since were were to fish with Chris Lewis on Friday a 6am we decided to make the drive there Thursday night so there wasn’t a 4 hour drive at 2 am in the morning to meet up.

Since it was the middle of lobster season the hotels in the keys were quite expensive so we opted to stay around Homestead. Homestead Florida is not known for their great neighbor hoods but the price was right at $80.00 per night at the Ramada in. A 2 star hotel at best, but the beds were nice and it AC was cold. We took the precaution of taking all our gear into our room over night, just in case!

We had a nice dinner with another friend Honson a the Silver Palace(btw: best authentic Chinese food around). If you are into “real” Chinese food this place is a must try. If you are expecting Panda express type food move on. This is good authentic Chinese food. The price hit the spot as well. The guys 4 dishes with hot tea was under $50.00. Highly recommended if you are in the area.

After a good Star Bux coffee, we met Chris at Don’s Bait and Tackle, the premier bait place in Homestead. Pretty everyone stops here who’s anyone that fishes Flamingo or the Keys. It’s not uncommon to see fishing TV celebs like Rick Murphy come by as well as many others.

Once on the water  we did noticed lots of cloud cover this morning and high tides. We had no choice but to look for floating permit in the calm waters. After about an hour of no activity we moved on to look for mudding bonefish provided we had any sun at all. This was a tough as well with the combinations of heavy cloudd covers, and high tides. There was not much to do but wait for the tide to drop of wait for the sun to peak though.

We would be teased by a few open spots in the skies that eventually disappear and along with it chances of seeing fish. In the afternoon the water subsided and Chris put us on some really nice tailing bonefish action. These guys were very spooky indeed but I manage to get an 8lb’er to eat a shrimp. But as they say it’s not over until it is over. I fought the fish to the boat only to have it do one last run and cut me off on the trim tabs.

Disappointed we tried for a little longer with out success. At this point the afternoon thunderstorm was up on us and were forced off the water.

The next day were had a late start down in Duck Key. Jay and I was to fish on the “Se Bueno”  35′ Cabo for some black fin tuna. On board was Joe, Nathan and John. We got out at the location about 4pm and the birds were quite active.  We knew underneath them were Tuna’s pushing bait up to the surface. The run and gun method did not quite today as they were moving quickly and unpredictably.

We started to troll some feathers and that was when we got out tuna bite going. We landed 6 black fin before it was night fall and time to head back to the docks.

By the time we got back to the docks and ready to leave it was almost 9pm and we were 6 hours from home. Not wanting to spend more money on hotels we decided to down some coffee and energy and go for it.  I made it home before 3am and was wide awake from all the coffee.