Saltyshores Photo Contest #1 Prize Packages


I am working on the photo contest prize packages today. I put everything up on spreadsheet and was impressed how much we manage to get for you guys. Thanks to our sponsors, the total was  $2,100.00.

If you are one of the winners please send me your address and apparel sizes so I can get ordered.

Thanks again for participating the in the Saltyshores photo contest. We will another one soon.


Congratulations to the photo contest winners:

Randal quidley with 84 tweets, 850 likes, 4 g+’s, a total of 938

Jose Chavez 431 tweets, 397 likes, 7g+’s, a total of 835

Johnny Touchton 10 tweets, 601 likes, 3g+’s, a total of 614

Next week there will be a random drawing of the 3 prize packs.