Day Time Swordfishing with Brandon Mullar and Josh Ardis down in Duck Key


Emily, the named storm was hovering south of Cuba the last few days. This created the “caml before the storm” down the keys with very very nice calm conditions. When I got a message from a friend down in the keys tell me he was going out to do some day time swordfishing, I hesitated for about 10 seconds before deciding to respond “heck yes, when do I need to be there?” be continued..

Sorry for the break, I donated some some to take photos for the breast cancer foundation “Hooked on Hope” and they wanted some group photos done tonight.

Back to the fishing report. Since these guys are pretty hardcore fisherman they usually fished from morning to dusk so I had to be there pretty darn early. I left my house at lunch time and made it down there that night. Being lobster season the hotels were very expensive. I was lucky enought to find a couch at Joel and Derek’s house down in Marathon Key.

I met the guys at the ramp at 6am as they rigged and loaded the center console for the trip to the swordfish grounds. The winds were as predicted nice and call at about 5-7mph. The run offshore at a cruising speed of about 25mph did not take very long.  What took time were pods of dophins we would encouter along the way.

We loaded up with Mahi and pretty much ignored all the triple tail that was hanging around the debris floating out there. This was when I was kicking myself for leaving the fly rod at home. Let me say, I will not be leaving the fly rods at home any more afte this trip.

We left the mahi biting so we could do the day time swordfishing. Fishing waters almost 2,000 feet we mad the drop with Brandon’s special rigged bait. This took quite some time as you can imagine. Once down these guys would look for the slightest of moving on the rod tip. At 2,000 feet any movement apparently is an eat!

It didn’t take long before we got a fish boatside and land. These guys were efficient and worked increditbly well together. This allow for better hooking, landing ratio as well as allow for more drops. By the end of the day we manage 4 sword fish boat side which in my book was incridble day on the water.

The coolest part of the trip was when we were pulling a swordfish up a pod of mahi found us and sorrounded the boat. I was able to jump in the water and swim with both the sword and the mahi. Very cool indeed.

The run from offshore to the docks turned out to be even better than the run out as the seas flattened out even more. After all the weather issues and cancelled trips I’ve had lately it was about time I had a great day on the water thanks to Capt. Brandon Mullar and Capt. Josh Ardis… they rock!