Almost Louisiana fishing


JD and I had an awesome fishing trip planned out. We were to drive from Tampa to meet 8 other kayak fisherman then get on a mothership and did some epic sight fishing out of kayaks for 3 days.

The day came to make the trip last week and JD picked me up at my house about 10am to make the 10 hour so drive up into the panhandles then to Louisiana. Thought it was raining during our drive I checked the weather forecast that morning and it said all was well at 10mph and Saturday even better.

9 hours into the drive we get a text saying, “Captain says 20-25 mph winds, funnel clouds, and rain for tomorrow.. he’s asking if we wan to cancel.” ARRRRRGGHH! oh no not again.!

Needless to say, us fishing out of Kayaks 25mph was not in the cards and the trip was ultimately canceled. Darn mother nature had destroyed our trip yet again.

We called Benton up in Alabama(one of the guys that was going with us) and he said since we were only an hour away from his house might as well come by grab dinner and fish in the am. This sounded like a plan. Since the weather wasn’t the greatest, we took our time getting to the launch and was met with wind and drizzly rain as expected.

Once we go in the water, there were shad(bait fish) everywhere. Using jigs and top waters, all three of us worked our away at trying to catch a trip salvaging fish. We worked hard and did manage some fish along the way.

We caught trout, redfish, whitings, croakers enough fish to make the day active. Considering the conditions it wasn’t too bad.

Thanks Benton for letting us hang up there for a couple days. I will be back soon when there is better conditions.