Dodging Storms

I have been incredibly busy lately with a few projects but now that things are starting to settle down I figured it was time to do some fishing. The redfish bite has been excellent in the area, with schools of fish everywhere in the bay so I decided to sign up for KBF’s July Saltwater Challenge.

The weather looked iffy as it always does this time of the year in the late afternoons. We get alot of scattered thunderstorms every evening, thankfully that for the most part they are small storm cells that blow over quickly. I like fishing with company this time of the year, especially when the forecast calls for storms. I called up Chuck Statham, a good friend of mine and successfully convinced him to join me on a hour roadtrip south to target tailing fish.

We arrived at the launch with storms all around us. We probably had 15 minutes before a cell would be overhead. After checking the radar we decided to quickly launch, wait out the storm under the mangroves and then head out to the flat to start fishing. After 30 minutes the storm was far enough to wander over to the open flat, we knew that we were no longer at risk of being struck by lightening.

Once on the flat, it didn’t take long to locate the reds, Chuck’s spook was the first to strike home after a couple of casts.


A few minutes later tails started popping up and it was time to go to work. The fish were in schools but they were not clustered too closely together which made them easier to pick off without disrupting the whole group.


I love this type of fishing. Watching a red as she rolls up to my DOA shad tail, hesitates for a second when she makes eye contact with the lure, and then charges at it making a powerful SWOOSH which is followed by screaming drag is priceless in my book.


Chuck and I ended up with 6 reds ranging from 25.5″ to 29″, we could have caught more but we ran out of sunlight so decided to call it a day. A great afternoon session in my book.