Basketkase fly fishing, combo stripping basket and casting platform by Quality T-Tops


I was out this morning with Jon of FishBuzzTV. I got a chance to test the new prototype of a combination Stripping Basket/Casting Platform by Quality T-tops called the “BasketKase”. Actually we came up with that name over breakfast just today.

It is an interesting concept to tame your fly line on the windiest of days, as well as gives you the ability to spot fish faster by being higher. The platform also offers a support around the knee just in case the waves got you rocking and rolling out there. This is perfect for any fisherman, but the tarpon fisherman will find this particularly useful when out on the beaches looking for those migrating fish.

BasketKase Fly Fishing Line taming platform

Bellow is a Video of the BasketKase in use today. We were in about 10mph winds on the beach.