Panama Mullet Snapper with Patrick Sebile on the Stick Shad.


This weekend I manage to take the boat out for a few hours to do a little recon for bay tarpon fishing. Usually this time of year the beach thins out as the big tarpon ventures back into Tampa bay to feed. Since the waters is not quite as clean as what can be found on the gulf beaches these guys eat a little better than their counter parts.

I usually use a DOA bait buster because of the way it swims/dive and the strong hook. Just make sure you use the “trolling” model, otherwise a good fish will straighten your hook out in no time. If I get one, more on this later on how to work the lure, what to look for etc.

The recon for now came back negative. It seems I wasn’t the only ones looking as there were several boats fishing Tarpon depth to no avail.

On the way in Kapers and I stopped at a few spots that held a few fish. We manage 6 red fish and 2 small snook. I was trying out the Sebile Jig head combined with the Mirror lure little jon. Kapers was using the DOA gold rush swim tail which has now became one of his favorite lures.

This is basically uncut video footage of a big mullet snapper caught in Panama while I was fishing with Patrick Sebile.

Mullet Snapper