Boat Photography from above



While looking for photos to send out I ran across some photos I shot of some Yellow fin bay boats and offshore boats. I needed more photos with out fish in them to add to my portfolio.

Building my portfolio in this direction, hopefully will result in more jobs in that area.

These were shot in the keys via helicopter. It was mid day where normally it isn’t the greatest time of day to shoot. For this type of shoot you want to see in the water for that crystal clear look, so being straight overhead was ideal scenario. A polarize filter was used to cut the glare and I was being very careful not to blow out the whites(over expose) on the boats.

Leaving space available for text, these could be used for advertisements in magazine as well as opening pages or background to websites.


In case you ever wanted to do a helicopter shoot, the cost, if I remember correctly was about $700.00 per hour. Of course price varies depending on location. Thank goodness I did not have to foot the bill.