American Fly Fishing Trade Association coming to New Orleans August 18 – 20, 2011, Salty Fly 2012


This is the ICAST for fly fishing tackle. This is where they show all the new gear and all the who’s who in fly fishing shows up to support their sponsors. Granted it will be just a fraction of ICAST due to its unique appeal to only the fly fishing industry. That being said it will still be cool to check out all the latest greatest in fly as well as hopefully get to meet some cool folks along the way.

Like ICAST, it is only open to manufacturers, vendors, retailers, people in the industry and media.

Along with bringing you the usual cool stuff, I will be working on getting support for the Salty Fly 2012 tournament which will be happening on Saturday February 25th 2012 in Tampa, Florida.

Last year’s Salty fly was the largest fly only tournament in Florida with 45 two-man teams(sold out in 3 days) with many on the waiting list. I hope to have the roster grow to 60 teams this year.

So clear your calendar for February 25th’s on!

For those of you that was not there, here is the tournament video from last year.

Updates can be found here as ramp up for the, Salty Fly 2012