Local Matters July update

ICAST in Vegas has gotten me real far behind but I’m still trying to got it all done. So here’s all the updates that’s going on.

Photo Contest: deadline for entry is midnight tonight eastern time.

I just uploaded some cool photos just now check them out.


Saltyshores Calendar.. that was suppose to be out this year will be converted to 2012 with a few new photos as new sponsors come on board.

Salty Feed: Started a newsfeed website for all the fishing related press release I get but don’t put up on SS because I don’t want to clutter things up here:


Right now it is a cut and paste of press releases of tournaments, products, events and such. I will be working on a feed on a side window here on SS so you can easily browse them quickly.
If you have any announcements I will be creating an email so you guys can send me/us the announcement and it gets put up on the news feed section.

Local scene:

Flats Pirate: If you want to read more of a local Florida flavor blog/ezine checkout http://flatspirate.com/. He recently revamp his website and has got good things going on over there. You know like bikini’s, fishing, reviews, boating, and more flatspirate girls. Good stuff Steve.

For the ezine portion: http://digital.turn-page.com/title/10010

Shipoke Boats

In the world of Florida Skiff Shipoke boats was one the more respected name. If you asked any old timer they will remember this name. I’ve had the pleasure of ridding in and older Shipoke a few years ago and I must say it had and awesome ride. Like many things they went away for a while and are under new ownership now right here in Palm Harbor Florida.

I saw these guys at the Tampa Boat show a few weeks back. I walked by but did not recognize what boat. They’ve done a good job revamping the look of this classic.