Baby Tarpon fishing with Cameron and Spencer


I have known Spencer and Cameron for several years. We met through the fishing forums back in the day before facebook. We fished a few times on and off. I knew these kids before they even had a driver’s license. Now they going to college and moving on with their life but they are still passionate about fishing. Spencer runs kayak charters part time while attending classes and Cameron mates for some local captains.

I had a chance to fish with these guys a couple days ago walking the banks casting at baby tarpon. This time of year the baby tarpon tend to get in brackish back water areas, giving themselves away by rolling around taken in air.

We spent the first 1/2 of fishing stuck in the truck waiting out the rain. Luckily for us my friend Hank gave me some ribs to take home as we ate every last bit of it while in the truck. It also made for some interesting video and chatting.

After the rain we walked the banks looking for rolling fish. If you do not know this already baby tarpon are very hard to land. They are very acrobatic and wind up getting off more often than not. They definitely lived up to this reputation today. I hooked 4 on fly landed zero, Spencer and Cameron probably hooked 20 and landed 1.

The bugs were bad but thankfully I brought along with me some 3M Ultrathon to use, enough for everyone. This stuff works pretty good. I will have to test it out at the ultimate location, the Everglades next.

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fun little video was shot entirely on a Sony NEX-5 along with all the photos.

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