Kayak Tarpon Fishing, Tampa Florida 2011


This morning I was up bright and early to do some Tarpon fishing. What makes this morning different was that we were going to try to catch them in a Kayak. I caught one back in 2006 in a 14′ Kayak and it was quite interesting to say the least. Lots of drama with the fish rapping me up against the crab buoy.

Josh, Russ and I was the only guys that actually showed up to the launch location this calm morning. It was quite a chore carrying all our gear to the beach. A beach kayak trolley is definitely a wise investment when it comes to transporting your gear to the beach launch location.

There was actually quite a bit of activity this morning with bait flipping and small mackerels jumping about. The activity unquestionably built our confidence up. This time the premonition came true, as it did not take long for Russ to get an eat and the fight was on. Josh and I followed to try to capture some images. After a 10 minute battle the 50 lb line Russ had on failed and the fish was lost. We were bummed out and deflated.

What makes it worst was for what ever reason, after we lost that fish, the bite seem to just have died down and the activity started to subside. I looked to the distance and saw a guy hooked up in a kayak and started to paddle over to take some photos. I must have came at the perfect time because he was just about to land the 100lb tarpon. This was great timing on my end, as I got the chance to get close enough for some interesting photos.

He was cool about me taking shots and I told him to come by Saltyshores later to check out the photos I got of him with his 2nd tarpon out of Kayak.

After that it was all over by 930am and we packed it in and called it a day… that’s tarpon fishing out of kayaks for ya.