Wild Life Photography, Fishing Knot resources and Giant Gar fishing


If this guy isn’t doing things for National Geographic he should. Very very cool wild life photography indeed.




On another note I came across this website today that can be very very useful to many of you. If you’re like me, often time it is very tough for someone teach me how to tie a knot just by talking about it. I have to see it and even then, if I don’t practice I just can’t it down.

This website is the biggest collection of fishing knots I have found. And the coolest part is that they are all animated. So you can watch it over and over.



And finally something different. Around here the gars don’t get that big but my friend Brad has always wanted to catch a big giant gar on Fly. So this find is for him. This guy shows you how to get the monsters on the line. They sure do look pretty pre historic and mean.