World’s Largest Aquarium in Altanta GA, Stillmotion Team


Holding 8 million gallons of water the Georgia Aquarium is the world’s largest aquarium. Which for some reason I had no idea that it was.

I ran across this video this weekend by a small media company based out of Canada called Stillmotion. When I first found out about these guys a couple years ago they were shooting weddings with DSLR that looked like they could be movies. They must be good as they got to travel the world shooting weddings.

One cool thing that was over the top for me was that they would shoot the video through out the day. By the reception they would have a 2-5minute video ready to be shown. They called these SDE=same day edit videos. These were not vlog type videos they were very high quality cinematic quality videos to boot. It’s actually quite amazing really.

They are at a level now that the NFL is using them to do videos using DSLR. Quite impressive indeed.

Video note: Shot just for fun, one of the guys visited the aquarium. He only used a Canon DSLR in video mode and a monopod.

Their Vimeo Channel:

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