Traffic and new stickers in the works


The last few days has been spent off the water and taking care of much needed revamping of Hopefully you guys will find it more organized and easier to navigate.  I opted for the nice clean white look instead of the dark tech, or even the messy grudged look.

All the content is still here like before but it should be a littler easier to find things. The contributor list, the popular subject as well as the most recent top 10 post can be found at the bottom of the page. You can also just click Latest Post and get to all the post in chronological order like before.

I added  the FACEBOOK fanpage link as well as traffic ranking link to

If you have not press the “liked” button on our fan page yet the button is bellow. (hint, hint)

Saltyshores is currently ranked 794,241 website in the world and 153,784 in the US. Not very impressive compare to freshwater website and so so when competing against many forums. However these ranking numbers makes Saltyshores the most popular Saltwater blog in Florida beating out many forums even. Hurray for!

Not that Alexa is accurate by any means, it is very inaccurate actually. However it is inaccurate for everyone. It is at least fair in that manner if that makes any sense at all. 🙂

Top 10 sites in the world, yes the ones making bank!








Windows Live



Regardless if you are curious about what your website rank go here and type in the url you might be surprised. By the way, it is free to use.

One more thing (amongst others) I have been working on these last few days (while everyone else is partying it up and this last holiday) is new Saltyshores stickers.

(btw: those of you that order stickers the last few weeks, I’m getting them all out tomorrow!)

Here are the first draft(or two) of the ones I have come up with. The idea is simple non complicated design that looks great on just about anything. The Salty Fly stickers turned out so well, I like the idea of the die cut mono color as well.

Here are the concept for Cobia, Tarpon and Sailfish. If you are interested in any other species shoot me an email at and I will see what I can come up with.